Thursday, September 6, 2007

Series Challenge

September 6, 2007 UPDATE: Please sign up for this challenge HERE.

Kathrin over at Crazy Cozy Murders is tossing around an idea for a challenge beginning December 1, 2007 and running through May 31, 2008, with a possible 6 month extension.

She says:

"Well, I've been thinking about all those series I've started, but not finished at various points in my life. Be it series with the same characters, the same topic, by the same author... There are just so many of which I read maybe the first few books and then left off because of other series I wanted to give a try. And by no means did I "leave" those series because I didn't like what I read!"

Participants get to pick the number of books they will read.

To see my picks and progress to here.