Friday, June 20, 2008

Booking Through Thursday - EVENT

Hosted by Deb at Booking Through Thursday

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly event born in 2005. It is essentially a weekly meme consisting of questions about 'about books, authors, reading preferences, that sort of thing.' Participation consists of copying the weekly question, pasting it into a blog post and answering it...then going back to Deb's blog and leaving a comment and trackback.

Sound like a fun idea? Apparently a lot of people think so! Check out the BTT blog to join in.


  1. Hey Wendy! Two things...
    1. Thank you for posting the EVENTS on this blog, too -- I've wondered about some of them for SO long, and got tired of trying to track down original blogs, etc... Now I can look in one place, and I'm more like to join some of them! :D

    2. I LOVE the header pic you've got ... those piles of books make me drool! I love searching through to try to read all the titles! LOL. :)

    MizB of
    The Book Zone

  2. Thank you!!! I decided this would have enough interest to challenge-holics that it was worth the effort :) Glad you like the book piles...LOL...I thought they represent obsession pretty well...hahahhahah!


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