Monday, July 14, 2008

Disney Literature Challenge

Perpetual Challenge - NO TIME LIMITS

Sarah Miller of Reading, Writing, Musing... is hosting a Disney Literature Challenge. Her post is wonderful (you should read it even if you don't think you want to do this one). In part, she writes:
Now, some of my very favorite book people harbor strong anti-Disney tendencies. (Cam, this means you. I'm betting on Linda and Jim, too.) In their honor, and in hopes of putting a tiny chip in the mountain of gratitude I owe them, I'm proposing a Disney Literature Challenge. Let's dig up the uncorrupted originals, and see how these stories looked before Uncle Walt had his way with them, shall we?
No time limits, no minimums, no obligations. Pick the ones you like and quit when you get sick of the whole idea. Wanna skip the bulky ones like Dickens, Hugo and White? Be my guest. If the multimedia approach of comparing the book to the movie appeals to you, go for it. I'm particularly hoping some of the anti-Disney camp might be good sports and take a refresher look at some of the films. Rereads are legal, even encouraged.
Sarah has listed the books to read on the post about the challenge. Interested? Why not join in the fun and leave her a comment?