Sunday, August 3, 2008

2008 Book To Movie Challenge

September 1, 2008 - December 1, 2008

Callista is once again hosting the Book to Movie Challenge. Participants are asked to read at least three books which have been made into movies (and Callista provides a link to a HUGE list of these).

  1. You can use books that fulfill other challenges if you want but you must read them AFTER Sept. 1.
  2. Non-bloggers are welcome to join, just post your picks in the comments of the post about the challenge and post your thoughts on the books in the comments too.
  3. It is not required that you watch the movies and compare them to the books but this would be a good idea if you want to.
  4. Audio books are okay
  5. Books that will be made into movies in the future (they've started work on them) are acceptable too.
To sign up, visit the post about the challenge and leave a comment with a link to YOUR challenge post.