Sunday, December 28, 2008

Martel-Harper Challenge

Quarterly, Perpetual Challenge


In the fourth quarter of 2008, Dewey began the Martel-Harper Challenge. This challenge is to read two books during the quarter from the list that Yann Martel sends Stephen Harper, a list that is always growing.

Dewey wrote:

You may know that Yann Martel sends books to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper every two weeks. He’s sent 38 so far, and you can read the letters he sends along with them at that site. For our challenge, I propose that we also read those books. I’ll ask people to sign up quarterly, committing to two to three books each time they sign up.
Dewey passed away shortly before Thanksgiving 2008, but many bloggers are continuing her events and challenges in her honor. Rebecca from Rebecca Reads has picked up the Martel-Harper Challenge. To read about the challenge and to link to (and sign up for) the first quarter of the challenge, visit the Hub Page for the Challenge.