Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mind, Body and Soul Challenge

October 1 - 31, 2008

Annie at Reading, Writing and Ranting is hosting the month long Mind, Body and Soul Challenge. Annie writes:

The idea behind this challenge is to use reading to inspire the mind, care for the body and nurture the soul over 31 days. Pretty much it's just a fun way to stretch our reading muscles and a good excuse for me to give away some prizes!

Pick a category and an option (1 or 2) from the following:

Mind Category:
  1. Choose a real person whose life you find absolutely fascinating. Arm yourself with knowledge...go read a biography on your person! Once you've got the facts straight, follow it up with a fiction novel based on the same person.
  2. Choose a classic novel sitting on your bookshelf you've always wanted to read but have never gotten around to. When you've finished, read a follow-up novel to your classic written by a different author. This could be a sequel to Pride and Prejudice or a modern novel modeled on your classic.
Body Category:
  1. Combine reading and workouts. Listen to your favorite audio book while you are exercising. Set a daily exercise goal and use reading to get you through it!
  2. Learn more about your body. Read a nutrition/diet book or try a few recipes from a low-fat cookbook.
Soul Category:
  1. Read something inspirational. Choose an autobiography of someone whom you really admire, a self-help book you've been wanting to read or a spiritual novel.
  2. Read your favorite love story. Reread an old favorite or read the book version of your favorite chick-flick.
The Rules:
  • To join the challenge, leave a comment on Annie's post about the challenge telling her which category (mind, body or soul) from which you will be reading and which option you chose.
  • Submit reviews for the books you read or listen to during this challenge and you'll receive a bonus entry for the giveaway.
  • Subscribe to Annie's feed and advise her you did so, and earn another bonus entry.
  • Blog about the challenge and advise advise Annie you did so and earn another bonus entry.
Annie is giving away some great prizes for this challenge - why not stop by her blog and read all about them and learn more!