Saturday, November 22, 2008

Betty's Book Chats - EVENT

Monthly Real-Time Book Club
Hosted by Betty at Betty's Book Chats

This is a monthly event which functions as a virtual, real-time book club: readers will read a chosen book each month and discuss it together on a real-time chat room at a specific time and day.

Guidelines are:
  • Books will be nominated and voted on in advance.
  • Once a book is chosen, it is posted to the blog and readers interested in taking part in the book chat can sign up with Mister Linky, and leave their email address in the comments (Betty uses Haloscan's commenting program, so nobody can see your email address except her).
  • Sign-ups will be open until the day before the book chat, so latecomers are welcome to join, as long as they have read the book and feel they can take part in the discussion.
  • On the day before the chat, participants are emailed the chat room link and password. If you forget to leave your email, you will not get this vital information!
  • The link and the password allow participants to sign into the chat room on the designated time, and chat away!
Sound like fun? To get involved and begin nominating book and signing up, visit Betty's Book Chats Blog.