Wednesday, January 7, 2009

666 Horror / Paranormal Book Challenge (2009)

I’m a HUGE fan of horror books and books about paranormal creatures and powers. My love for the paranormal, for the dark and unusual, led me to come up with this idea for a book/reading challenge. Do you love books about Vampires? Everything by Clive Barker? Own the entire Stephen King collection? Do you collect cute books about teenage witches or vampire boyfriends? Devour books full of thrill and gore?

If so, this challenge is for you.

The horror categories are as follows, though not limited to. You must pick SIX of these to read books about. If you have an idea for a suggested category, simply leave me a comment with it. Keep in mind it has to have something to do with horror, thriller, the supernatural and/or monsters.

1. Vampires
2. Werewolves
3. Witches/Warlocks
4. Psychics
5. Human’s with special powers (like telepathy, telekinesis, etc).
6. Creatures from other worlds
7. Horror creatures
8. Monsters
9. Ghosts/Poltergeists
10. Paranormal creatures/events


1. You must read 6 books in 6 categories by at least 6 authors
2. Books must be horror, thriller, or supernatural.
3. You cannot include audiobooks, journals, comic books, or manga. You can include ebooks.
4. Keep a running book count/completed list.
5. If rereading a book, you have to have finished it at least a year ago.

To read more and to sign up, visit the post about this challenge.