Monday, January 26, 2009

Literary Locals - EVENT

Hosted by Tif at Talks Books

Tif at Talks Books is hosting a monthly event to recognize lesser known, local authors. She writes:

Many of us are aware of the popular authors from Stephen King to Toni Morrison to James Patterson and more; however, what about those local authors that do not receive as much PR as the big-named ones that have movies made out of their books? I have a special place in my heart for these "little" authors and wanted to give them a bit more kudos for their work!
Tif will be encouraging readers to post links to reviews of books by local authors at her site on the last day of each month. The guidelines are:
  • Local Authors Defined: Authors that you can find in either your hometown or home state, or the equivalent if you are not in the States.
  • Home Defined: Your hometown or home state can be either past or present, meaning you can use your current location or anywhere you have ever lived.
  • Type of Books: The books can be childrens picture books to adult novels and everything in between.
  • Literary Local Icon: Feel free to copy and paste my little icon for the meme/challenge on your own blog and proudly support those local authors!!
Interested? Stop by the post about the event and leave Tif a link to your blog in the comments.