Thursday, January 22, 2009

LOST Books Challenge

January 21, 2009 - Series Finale of show in 2012

The Lost Books Challenge has a new blog and a new set of guidelines! Amy is hosting this challenge which revolves around the popular television series LOST.

Here are the guidelines for participation:
  • Participants are asked to choose at least five books off the list of books alluded to or mentioned on the show to complete by the time the series concludes in 2010. If participants did not complete the first challenge, they can use those same books again. Find books here, here, or here.
  • The LOST books challenge will have its own blog. Participants can cross post their reviews directly onto the blog. But to add to the fun, participants can post about anything related to LOST (except for spoilers)...recaps of the episodes, theories, etc. It will be sort of a fun place for book blogging Losties.
  • There will be interesting with mini-challenges and contests.
  • Anyone who signs up by January 30th, will be eligible for a drawing for season 3 of LOST on DVD.
To read more and to sign up and learn how to become a poster to the blog, visit the sign up post.