Friday, February 6, 2009

Bookword Game - EVENT

Hosted by Raidergirl at An Adventure in Reading AND Suey at Life's Other Adventures

Raidergirl and Suey have come up with a fun game they call: The Bookword Game. This looks like it will become a weekly event. To join in the first installment, visit the post on Adventure in Reading.

Here is how Raidergirl describes the game:

Here we will, as a book loving community, come up with some phrases to describe books or book-related situations.
For example, if I say Freezer Book, people recognize a book that is making you nervous, like The Book Thief for me or Little Women for Joey from Friends.

More recently, bybee tried to discover the phrase for when you discover the title embedded in the story. It turned out that there was no such phrase! How could that be? We kept going back to find out what it could be, so suggestions were made, and a vote was held: Title Drop was most popular. It perfectly describes a situation that I look for everytime I read now.

To read more and to see the "situation" for this week, make sure you drop by the first inaugural post.