Friday, March 20, 2009

Book Thief Challenge

March 19 - December 31, 2009

The Younger Reader is hosting her very first challenge, The Book Thief Challenge. She writes:
I thought of a neat new idea for a challenge and here it is! This is my first one. If there are any other challenges like this one going on please let me know and I will change it!

This challenge is all about getting to know the thief. You may pick how many books to read (since I know a lot of you have many other books to read!):

1-3 books ~ Pickpocket
3-6 books ~ Candy Shoplifter
6-9 books ~Bank Robber
9-12+ books ~ Grand Thief

  • The book can be of any genre (fiction or nonfiction) but must have some relation to thieves/theft. The book can have the word “Thief” in the title, can be about thieves, can involve a scene where something is stolen, etc. Use your imagination if necessary.
  • Since this started later in the year, any thief-related books may be added to your current list.
  • Please feel free to use books you read here for other challenges too!
  • It’s not required for you to pre-list your books

To join go to The Book Thief Challenge and use Mr. Linky.