Wednesday, March 25, 2009

M/M Romance Challenge

March 20 - August 31, 2009

Anesthezea of I Love Paperbacks is hosting the M/M Romance Challenge - please note, only those persons 18 years or older may participate. Anesthezea writes:

This challenge is for those who enjoy reading Male/Male romances or those who are interested in starting. If you aren’t familiar with M/M romances, they are novels and other books where the main focus of the story is the romantic relationship between the male protagonists.
There is prize drawing for those who sign up by April 30th and for those who complete the challenge by August 31st. Here are the rules:
1. Choose to read 4, 5, 6, or 10 romances.
2. All genres are allowed.
- They can be a part of a series or stand-alones.
- They can be long or short.
- Some re-reads are allowed, but try to have at least 2 new-to-you books.
- Overlapping with other challenges is fine, even encouraged.
3. You can join at any time.
4. You don’t have to list your books ahead of time. If you decide to list them, you can change them as you go. Feel free to remove or add titles as needed.
5. You do NOT have to have a blog to participate.
6. You do NOT have to review your books to participate.
7. You MUST be 18 years old or older to participate.
To learn more or to sign up, visit the post about the challenge.