Friday, April 10, 2009

Printz Project

Perpetual Challenge - NO Time Limits
Suey (It's All About Books), Jessica (The Bluestocking Society) are hosting a perpetual challenge to read all the Printz Award winners. The Printz Project has its own blog. Suey and Jessica write:

Since the Printz Award is a relatively new award, we’re structuring this site a little differently. Each Printz Award-winning book and honor book has its own post. When you read one of the books, head on over to its post and leave either a link to your review on your own blog or go ahead and post your thoughts right there in the comments. This format is designed to keep reviews on the same book together. Each book’s post has a picture of the cover and the synopsis from the publisher. Feel free to browse about.
To read more and to sign up by leaving a comment, visit the post about the challenge.