Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer is Short: Read a Story

Harper Collins Canada is is hosting this challenge.

Here's how they explain it:

HarperPerennial celebrates the short story this summer. Buy some. Read some. Talk some. All season long we’ve got piles of great content lined up, fun contests, great books and something exceptionally special — some of our favourite short stories by some of our favourite Perennial authors here on the site for you to read.

Steven Millhauser said
in an essay that appeared in the New York Times: “The short story apologizes for nothing. It exults in its shortness. It wants to be shorter still. It wants to be a single word. If it could find that word, if it could utter that syllable, the entire universe would blaze up out of it with a roar. That is the outrageous ambition of the short story, that is its deepest faith, that is the greatness of its smallness.”

What’s your favourite short story? Do you even read short stories? Have you ever written a short story? What’s your best argument in terms of why people should read more short stories? Let us know what you think in the comments. I’ve got a copy of one of the new Classic Shorts for the best comment.

Looking to read a great short story? We’ll be featuring a new short story every couple of weeks throughout the summer.

There will be prizes and it is open to U.S. readers as well.

To find more go to The Savvy Reader.