Sunday, July 5, 2009

50 Books for Our Times Project

Now - December 31, 2009

My Friend Amy
is hosting this challenge basted on Newsweek's list : 50 Books for Our Times

Here's how she describes it:
Newsweek came up with 50 Books for our Times. I jokingly asked on Twitter when a book blogger would come up with a challenge for the list not realizing that an hour later it would be me!

This list is...strange. And some of these books seem really overwhelming. So I suggested on Twitter that we get 50 book bloggers to read one each and report back if it's a book of our times.

If you want in, to cast your authoritative opinion as a book blogger whether or not
one of these 50 books is a Book for our Times, pick a book off the list that hasn't already been chosen and leave a comment with your pick.

If all 50 books get spoken for, we can start having two reviewers per book. Until then, you must pick a book that hasn't been chosen (that you also haven't read) so we can get a perspective on all of the books!