Monday, August 10, 2009

Critical Monkey Contest

July 2, 2009 - July 2, 2010

Corey at Shelf Monkey is hosting a fun challenge: Critical Monkey Contest. Corey writes:
I, as I assume most people who read this blog are, am somewhat of a book snob. I don't pretend to read only the 'classics' of the Western canon, but there's a lot of crap out there I go out of my way to avoid. See? Right there, snobbery. Bad monkey! Bad!

So I have decided to launch Critical Monkey, a little contest designed to make us confront our fears, and read those we otherwise actively ignore. These do not have to be authors who are typically derided in literary publications; choices can be books you simply have never wanted to read for whatever reason. Never read a Charles Dickens, but always felt bad? Now's your chance to try him on for size. Have you avoided Margaret Laurence because a lousy teacher force-fed you The Stone Angel and squeezed everything good out of it (guilty!)? Time to make her acquaintance. Anything you like. Even Harlequin romance novels. I double-dog dare you to try.
So, let's be clear; I am asking for blogged reviews of any novel you've avoided in the past. I'd like real reviews, not two-line hate rants. If you despise what you've read, then good, but let's get a sense as to why. And if you turn out to actually like it? Well, I guess you've grown up a bit now, haven't you?

There are seven levels of participation to choose from:
  1. Shock (one review)
  2. Denial(two reviews)
  3. Bargaining (three reviews)
  4. Guilt (four reviews)
  5. Anger (five reviews)
  6. Depression (six reviews)
  7. Acceptance (seven reviews)

To sign up and learn more, visit the post about the challenge.