Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hidden In Plain View - EVENT

Hosted by Tina at Tutu's Two Cents

Tina at Tutu's Two Cents is hosting a new Thursday event called Hidden in Plain View. She writes:

This is a chance to dig a little deeper into our personal libraries to find books that may be languishing on the shelves and bring them out for a better look. I plan to do this weekly onThursdays. To join in:
1. Pick a random book from your library (I used to pick mine from my LT catalog).
2. Tell us
  • title, author, #of pages, edition, (tags, and collections if LT)
  • why that book is in your library
  • whether you've read it or not
    • if so did you like it and why;
    • if not, do you plan to read it?
  • how and when you acquired the book

To play visit Tina each Thursday.