Sunday, October 11, 2009

November Novella Challenge

October 11 - November 30, 2009

J.T. of Bibliofreak is hosting her first challenge. J.T. writes:

The novella is, I feel, a marginalized type of fiction. Longer than a short story, shorter than a novel, sometimes called a novelette, it’s tough to define. In general, I consider it to be somewhere between 70 and 120 pages. Perhaps it’s better to say what it is not? It is not a play. It is not epic poetry. It is not a slim book of short stories. It is not any sort of tract or treatise or manifesto or other such nonfiction. But it IS perfect for a few things: curling up in front of a fire on a windy night, you can finish it off in one sitting.
There are four levels of participation to choose from for the challenge:

  • Level I: Read one (just one!) novella by November 30, 2009
  • Level II: Read four novellas (one each week, mayhaps?) by November 30, 2009
  • Level III: Read eight novellas (two a week?) by November 30, 2009
  • Level IV: AKA, the As Many As You Freakin’ Can level: Read as many novellas as you freakin’ can by November 30, 2009
  • Cross-overs with other challenges are fine
  • Audiobooks are fine
  • Reading (and reviewing) before November starts (especially if you’re taking part in the 24 hour read-a-thon on October 24th!) is totally cool.
  • J.T. asks that you make a list in advance, but swapping out books on your list as you go is no problem.
  • If you don’t have a blog, that’s O.K.! You can still participate by writing a short review in the comments section of the review page. (When signing up, just leave the URL in the Mr. Linky blank.)
To get more information (including links to resources to find novellas) and to sign up, visit the post about the challenge.