Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Really Old Classics Challenge

November 1, 2009- February 28, 2010

Heather J. at Age 30+ A Lifetime of Books and Rebecca of Rebecca Reads are hosting this new challenge.

About the challenge:
The purpose is to celebrate really old works, particularly those written before 1600.

We love the really old classics we’ve read and we’d love to encourage others to read them too. We hope that your experience will be a good one, and that you’ll decide to give other really old classics a try. Maybe seeing what others read can help you decide which to read next!

What is a really old classic? We’re defining it as pre-1600 A.D. Obviously, most translations have been done after that date. Nevertheless, if the original work was written before 1600, it counts for this challenge.

Successfully finishing the challenge is really easy, since it requires you to read one work. There is extra credit, if you are feeling ambitious.

To find out more or to join click on, Really Old Classics Challenge