Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Horns and Halos Reading Challenge

Here's what Aimee says:
The Background:

Im kind of sick of hearing about vampires. Frankly. I used to love vampires, and sadly, Twilight has twisted my vampire spirit - I cannot wait until the hype is over and I can go back to loving non-sparkly, beautiful, fr
I'ee-for-all, relatively non-possessive vampires.

So I thought for 2010, I'd embark on a Reading Challenge about my other fave supernaturals - Angels and Devils/ Demons. And if you want to join me, the more the merrier! (I will also be posting a challenge on witches and werewolves in the next month if you'd like to sign up for that one, too). But no, I won't be offended if no one signs up. I'll do it meself either way!

But if you do want to join (I'd love you to) I have a choice of two buttons (above) to display your challenge on your blog page and link it back to this post. Forgive me, this is my first hosted challenge (if there's something I've done wrong please tell me) and I am no photoshop expert!
The Rules:
This challenge isn't about confining or boxing in its participants- it's about exploring Heaven and Hell and idea of Good versus Evil. So you can be creative. For example, if a book is set in Hell, but doesn't feature devils/demons, or it's set in The Fields of Elysium but no angels, you can still twist it to be on the list. Or if you're reading a book that features Greek gods, they could be classified as angels (or devils, if they're really mean). Oh, and fallen angels can be on whichever side you think best suits them.
You can include movies, poetry, artworks, graphic novels, picture books - any medium you want!

You can OF COURSE overlap with other challenges.

DO NOT START before January 1 2010. You can prepare, but don't start posting until then.
Rereads are optional. 
You can choose to read as many or as little number of books for this challenge as you like, but once you commit to a number, you're committed to that number.

In your challenge post, please commit to the number of books you will read, and commit to a level (see below). HOWEVER, if you find others to add to the list as time goes on, and you want to increase your number, then that's fine, but under NO CIRCUMSTANCES can you DECREASE your list!
So I would warn you perhaps to start off small if you're commitment-phobe.

The Levels:
Please choose your level in your introductory post.

The levels you can choose from are not about the number of books you read, but rather about you choosing the side of Good or Evil, and depending on whether the books you read will be entirely about devils, or angels, or a mixture.

There are 5 levels:

Inferno - Dirtily devilish (Books entirely about Hell/ devils)

Purgatory - More devilish than angelic (More books about Hell/devils than Heaven/angels)

Garden of Eden - Devilish and angelic in equal measure (50/50)

Paradiso - More angelic than devilish ( More books about Heaven/angels than hell/devils)

Celestial Heavens - Purely angelic (Books entirely about Heaven/ angels)

Please note: The levels are not static. You may find as you make your way through the challenge that Celestial Heavens gets a little boring, and you need to inject a little bit of evil with a couple of devil books, so you slip down to Paradiso. Or you might find your conscience getting the better of you, so you attempt to claw your way out of Inferno by adding a couple of books about angels. Update your situation as you go along in the challenge and post about your books - people like to see the struggle of Good versus Evil. Or at least, I do.
I'm going to start off at the Garden of Eden level, and see where I end up. I'll be doing a post and signing up with Mr Linky myself in the next few days.

It doesn't really matter where you begin in the challenge, what matters is where you end up.
Thinking about participating?

If you're thinking about participating, you can view the reading list in case you're stuck for ideas. If you think of others, please comment on THE LIST and I will add them.

If I get any participants, I will include a separate page where you can post a link to each of your reviews. If you'd like to sign up please put your name and a link to your challenge post with Mr Linky down the bottom here.

And if you think of something that I have forgotten to answer/include in this challenge, please comment and I will edit this post.

And most importantly, whichever side you're on, have a devilishly fun time reading!

To join, go to Horns and Halos Reading Challenge