Sunday, December 6, 2009

451 Challenge

January 1 - November 30, 2010

Elizabeth from As Usual, I Need More Bookshelves is hosting her first challenge. The 451 Challenge encourages readers to read from the 451 Master List. Elizabeth has created a dedicated blog for the challenge. She writes:
451 Fridays asks what books you feel passionate about. What book do you think is so important that you would be willing to take on the challenge of "becoming"?

We have compiled an amazing list of books this year in our weekly 451 Fridays posts, and it's time to start reading them!
There are several levels of participation:
  1. Spark - read 1-2 books from the master list
  2. Ember - read 3-4 books from the master list
  3. Flame - read 5-6 books from the master list
  4. Blaze - read 7 or more books from the master list
  • Re-reading is acceptable, as are crossovers with other challenges.
  • Audio, print, and e-books are all acceptable.
  • Each month, participants will be encouraged to post their reviews on the challenge blog, and each review posted will be an entry into a grand prize drawing for a $25 gift card to the online bookseller of the winner's choice.
Want to join or learn more? Check out the dedicated blog.