Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fall in Love

September 23 - December 20, 2010

The Book Dragon is hosting a seasonal challenge in Fall, 2010, the Fall In Love Challenge.  Here's what she says:

I wanted a seasonal challenge and this was too perfect. Post about the challenge on your blog (or just comment if you don't have one) then link back here with your post. I'll get a participant list going.

Sometime between Sep 23 and Dec 20 of 2010 read four books, one for each requirement.

1. one book with heart, love, marriage or family in the title
2. one time travel romance
3. one paranormal romance
4. one romantic suspense

No requirements about length except not part of a collection/anthology, you need to read the whole thing.

re-reads, audio, ebooks, challenge crossovers are all allowed.

Reviews are not necessary but it would be nice if you did a "this is what I read" with a summary so maybe we can add to our TBR list.

I know it's early but it fits in so well with my other post {blush}