Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hidden Treasures - EVENT

Kathrin is hosting a new event called Hidden Treasures held every other month beginning in January 2010. Here is what she says about it:

The basic idea is to post your TBR list (whether you choose the whole big thing or the smaller list you created for your challenges) and have someone else pick your next book with a short explanation why they picked this book and not one of the dozen other books. The first book title left to you in your comment section is the one you're supposed to read (or at least try to read, if it turns out to be so bad you can't stand the thought of finishing it) within the next two months. That way, we all could find those hidden treasures on Mt. TBR that we neglected, ignored all this time!
Check out the first post - and play along by leaving a comment there with a link to your TBR pile! Visit Kathrin on the last day of March to play again.