Saturday, December 5, 2009

Relic Novels Challenge

January 1 - December 31, 2010

Yvonne is hosting the Relic Novels Challenge.

Here's what she says:

Welcome to Relic Novel Challenge (RNC) 2010. This is the first year I am hosting this challenge.

What is a Relic Novel?

A relic novel is a novel where a relic or artifact is being hunted. The best example would be The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown in which the holy grail is being hunted. The only pre-requisite of a relic novel is for the main characters to be hunting for a particular relic. He or she usually, but need not necessarily, go on a wild-goose chase around the globe. The hunt also need not be contemporaneous to us.

So what is this challenge about?

As with most reading challenges, there are specific aims to this challenge. I have filched the idea of differing levels for readers with differing aims.

Initiate Hunter : Read at least 6 relic novels

In-training Hunter: Read at least 12 relic novels

Master Hunter: Read at least 18 relic novels

Can I crossover my books with other challenges?

Yes, the books used to fulfil this challenge can be used for other challenges as well.

Is there anything in it for me?

Of course! Apart from the sheer entertainment of reading relic novels and learning about various historic cultures, more tangible rewards for this challenge can be expected. I will elaborate more on prizes for this challenge when the number of challengers stabilizes.

To join, go to Relic Novels Challenge