Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blog Improvement Project 2010

Kim is back, this time with the help of Jackie of Farm Lane Books, for another year (actually 11 months) of the Blog Improvement Project..  Kim writes:

Hello, and welcome to the blog for the 2010 Blog Improvement Project. I hosted the 2009 BIP myself and wasn’t planning to continue it for 2010, but then Jackie from Farm Lane Books generously offered to help keep the project alive — something I’m very excited about!

For 2010, we plan to have tasks on the first and third Monday of every month. If you subscribe to the RSS feed for the blog, you’ll be in the loop each time a new task is posted. For more information you can read About the BIP or check out some of the tasks for the 2009 BIP.

You DO NOT have to have participated in the 2009 BIP in order to join for 2010. And just because you joined in 2009 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t join in 2010. We’ll be repeating some of the popular topics from last year, but have already brainstormed many new topics to cover.

To join, go to Blog Improvement Project.