Thursday, January 21, 2010

Leaf Through Books - EVENT

A weekly event hosted by My Little Feats

My Little Feats is hosting a new daily meme which runs Saturday through Thursday. She writes:

All you have to do is find three (3) books or an author (and his series) that interests you, post the image(s) with a link to what's it all about (for example, book reviews or links from an online bookstore like Barnes and Noble or Amazon).

This meme is inspired by MizB's Friday Finds. It's just that I can't wait till Friday and I'm too lazy to put any notes. Thus this meme - a daily event begins from Saturday through Thursday since I would like to leave Friday for MizB's meme.

The point of this meme is really to discover and rediscover books that some of us might have overlooked. There's just a lot of good reads out there, and finding new ones with your help makes it easier.
To learn more, visit the original post about the event, or simply go to My Little Feats daily to play.