Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tudor Mania Challenge 2010

May 1 - July 31, 2010

The Tudor Mania Challenge is being hosted by The Burton Review.
This Challenge is for new Tudor reviews for any new or old Tudor books you have reviewed in May, June and July, and not for older reviews you have previously posted.

The Tudor Mania Challenge includes both non-fiction and fictional books set between 1485 and 1603, in England. Reviews must be around 300 words or more in length (to make sure everyone is playing fair).

Audio books/E-Books are welcome. The fun part of this is to see everyone's reviews and find new books and blogs to read.

Open to all participants worldwide.

At the end of the challenge, a member of the challenge who reviewed the most Tudor books in the Challenge Period (May through July) will be chosen and offered any book prize of their choice up to $15 in value from The Book Depository since that is FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. That way, International Readers can join in the LinkFest and compete for the prize. There will also be a second and third prize of lesser value, to be determined.

To learn more or join, visit the post about the challenge.