Friday, April 30, 2010

Venice Challenge

May 1st, 2010-May 1st, 2011
heidenkind of Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Books in hosting the Venice Challenge.  Here's what she says:

While doing some research for my Listed: Venice post the other day, I ran across a TON of books set in and about Venice at my library.  Even exercising some control over myself, I still wound up checking out about a dozen Venice-themed books I just couldn't pass up, plus buying two on (aka Amazon--what can I say, there was a sale). 

With all the books about Venice out there, I started thinking it would be great to have a reading challenge about it!  Here are the deets:

Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Books (

  May 1st, 2010-May 1st, 2011

  Read 6 books set in the city of Venice, or about Venice.  I don't care if it's fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, YA, or whatever.

To join, go to Venice Challenge.