Friday, October 15, 2010

Read A Myth Reading Challenge

January 1, 2011 - December 31, 2011

Bibliojunkie is already looking ahead to 2011 and is planning to host the Read A Myth Reading Challenge.
Myths and folklores are how story-telling started for many generations ago. I remember my grandmother used to tell me loads of folk tales, one about the chinese princess, named Chang Er who drink the elixir of life and flew up to the moon and became an immortal. I also collected volumes of Monkey God graphic novels when I was younger. I don’t always know what the moral of the story is, but I suspect there isn’t always one. Myths were just a manifestation of our inherent human needs to let our imaginations run wild and express that to willing listening ears, to stories that will sustain us through the dark nights, cold and hunger. So, with this challenge we want you to come along and re-discover the classic myths and folklore tales and explore how they are represented and re-invented in contemporary literature.
There is a suggested reading list to help readers select books. Participants are welcome to cross-post with other challenges, rereads are welcome, and you do not need to have a list ready to sign up. There is a dedicated blog for the challenge.

There are several levels of participation:

Level 1 Athena: That’s a Myth!
Read any two (2) books about myths.

Level 2 Erlang Chen: Demystify the Myth!
Read any four (4) books about myths.

Level 3 Mimir: World Myth!
Read any six (6) books from the myth series must covers 2 different countries, including any one from the following list:

  • non-fiction book on the study of mythology (figure), or
  • Karen Armstrong’s A short history of myth, or
  • The original text of myth (many to choose from the Greek Mythology)
  • Level 4 Ogma: The God of all Myths!
    Mix and match of any 8 books from the myth series or any mythology books, with the following conditions:

  • Must cover more than 3 countries.
  • Must contain at least 1 non-fiction book on mythology study.

  • There are also going to be prize be sure to subscribe to Bibliojunkie's blog to keep up to date.

    For all the latest information and to sign up, visit the Read A Myth blog.