Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekly Event: Most Wanted Monday

Every Monday

Mandy of The Well-Read Wife is hosting a new weekly event, Most Wanted Monday.  Here's what she says:

The purpose of Most Wanted Monday is to post on your blog regarding an *ARC (or even a book that’s already out) that you cannot wait to get your hands on. Hopefully, this will generate lots of hype for books that we are excited to read, and maybe it will up our chances of getting our hands on that coveted ARC!

1. Grab a graphic.
2. Title your post Most Wanted Monday. You may also include a subtitle if you want.
3. State that this is a weekly meme hosted by every Monday, and link back to my home page.
4. Write about whatever ARC or book you are most excited about getting your hands on that particular week. For example, I will usually write about an ARC that I am dying to read. The book can be any genre, YA or Adult.

To participate, go to Most Wanted Monday.