Saturday, December 18, 2010

(Small Press) Book Club - EVENT

Hosted by Nicole from Linus’s Blanket and Jen at Devourer of Books

Nicole and Jen are hosting a Book Club which celebrates the small presses. Jen writes:
BOOK CLUB is an opportunity for people to get together to discuss great books from small presses. We both know that there are some fabulous books coming out all the time from small presses and we wanted to make a point to read more this year, and help raise awareness of these books and publishers in the realm of book blogging and beyond. During the first part of 2011, we will be working with Other Press and Graywolf Press to bring you some fabulous books.
We will be discussing a book on either my blog or Nicole’s on the fourth Tuesday of every month. During the second week of the month, both Nicole and I will give away 5 copies of the BOOK CLUB discussion book for the following month. For example, today we are each giving away five copies of “A Thousand Rooms of Dream and Fear,” which we will be discussing on Tuesday, January 25th at Linus’s Blanket. Whether you receive the book from one of us or pick it up yourself, we would love to have you join in the conversation.
Please note, the book giveaway for January has already been closed. BUT, if you want to join in the discussion, you still can...and subscribing to Jen and Nicole's blogs will keep you in the loop for the next book giveaway in January.