Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Buck Stops Here Challenge

January 1-December 31, 2011

Retroredux's Reviews is hosting The Buck Stops Here Challenge.  She writes:

I've always been thrifty-what some might call cheap :).
I love to use my bargain detecting skills when it comes to books. Some of my most beloved books actually cost me mere cents to nothing to purchase. I love Library Sales, Thrift Shops and Garage Sales. I've received bargains from swapping sites like or some small town Used Book Stores. And now with the plethora of cheap to FREE  bargain books on my e-reader? Forget about it-I'm in book Heaven! LOL

If you share my affliction for literature for less then this is the challenge for you. What fantastic books have you purchased for (up to) a mere dollar? Was the book worth it's weight in gold or not worth a plugged nickel?

The Rules:

Read, review (optional) and post where you found your bargain book. The book can be paper or ebook, it can be FREE  or cost you up to ONE DOLLAR maximum.  No loaned books-the book must be yours even if it was a freebie.
Level one -3 bargain books
Level two-6 bargain books

Level three-10 bargain books

*Bonus! Level four "proud cheapskate"-52 bargain books!* 

(those who complete this level will receive a nifty "Proud Cheapskate" blog award from me to post on their blog)
  To join, go to The Buck Stops Here Challenge.