Friday, January 21, 2011

Sci Fi Experience 2011

January 1- February 28, 2011

Carl of Stainless Steel Droppings is hosting the Sci Fi Experience 2011.  He writes:

There are any number of myths perpetuated both inside of and outside of the literary world in regards to Science Fiction: the genre is no longer relevant, science fiction novels lack strong characterization, science fiction appeals only to adolescent males (and overweight, mom’s-basement-dwelling males who have never grown up), all science fiction is about spaceships and laser guns, science fiction is filled with confusing concepts for non-science geeks, science fiction is not “literature”…need I continue? 

The biggest problem with misconceptions such as these is that there is enough truth to all these myths that it becomes common practice to accept them as truths. Additionally some science fiction fans, like myself, will readily admit to liking a variety of science fiction novels that could easily be held up as poster children for those very myths. If one is honest, however, I believe the same can be said about any “genre”, including what the elite would call “literature”.

Several years ago I decided to host a non-”challenge” reading event entitled “The Sci Fi Experience”, with the emphasis squarely on the word “experience”.

The purpose of The Sci Fi Experience is two-fold:
1. To spend the winter months (my favorite time of year to read science fiction) sharing my love of science fiction with others who love the genre as well.
2. To gently encourage those who have either never read science fiction, only rarely read science fiction, or have read science fiction and had a bad experience to give it a chance.

Again, this is about an experience. More than anything I want to encourage people to have fun experiencing just how exhilarating science fiction can be.

Unlike the challenges I host other times during the year, there are no specific number of books to shoot for. This is simply an opportunity to get together as a community and share a love of science fiction…and to hopefully spark a love of science fiction in those who have yet to be bit by the sci fi love bug! I will, however, have the Short Story Weekend option for those who want to read science fiction short stories in addition to or instead of science fiction novels.

To joi the experience, go to the Sci Fi Experience 2011.