Friday, January 28, 2011

Vampire Challenge

January 1-December 31, 2011

The Life (and Lies) of An Inanimate Object is hosting the Vampire Challenge.  She writes:

See I love vampires. In general. So here you go.

1. As long as it has one vampire in it, it counts. Full length and short stories count, but poetry has to be over 5000 words.
2. e-books, audio books, bound books, galleys, whatever. as long as it’s a book.
3. can be a stand-alone or in a series.
4. crossovers are fine.
5. Don’t have to be a blogger, don’t have to review the book. Just tell me you're participating. Goodreads is a great way to keep track of books for non-bloggers (make a shelf for this challenge and keep track of them that way!)

Levels:Newborn vampire: You’re new to all this. You feel a little out of place in the world, and you’re not quite sure of yourself—or anything anymore, really. You’ll read  1-3 books

Vampire Fledgling: Ok so you’re a little stronger now. You’re kinda getting the hang of this. You think you might actually make it. You’ll read  4-7 books

Experienced Vampire: You’re pretty comfortable now, and other vamps are beginning to look to you. You’re sure of yourself and enjoy life –or death—and you will read 8-12 books.

Vampire Ruler: King or queen of the world… even though the world doesn’t know it. The other vamps do, though. Everyone looks to you. You own the place. You read 13+

To join, go to the Vampire Challenge.