Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Booklovers Project - Perpetual Challenge

Perpetual Challenge - No Time Limit

Amanda at The Zen Leaf is hosting The Booklovers Project which is a perpetual challenge with no time limit. Although this is a personal challenge, Amanda is inviting other readers to join her. She writes:
Last year, the lovely Ana of Things Mean a Lot introduced me to the song “The Booklovers” by The Divine Comedy. I adore this song, and while listening to it recently, I started to wonder about some of the authors it touches on. If you’ve not heard the song, it lists literary authors from hundreds of years ago to the present, and as it calls their names, they each respond. Their responses often have to do with their books, their relationships, and/or the perception we have of them. For all those authors I’ve read, I understand their responses, but many of the responses from writers I’ve never read go completely over my head.

Hence, this project. I’ve never been tempted to try to read every author off any other list – awards lists, BBC top 100 list, ML top 100, 1001 books to read before you die, etc. But this list, these 73 authors – I want to be sure to try each of them, and then to come to understand their lines in “The Booklovers.”

Amanda has also included some additional authors in the challenge (those who terrify her!!). To see the entire list and to get more information, visit the post about the project.