Thursday, February 10, 2011

In Memory of Brian Jacques: Redwall Nostalgia Challenge

February 9-May 31, 2011

The Story Girl is hosting the Redwall Nostalgia Challenge, in memory of the author, Brian Jacques.  She writes:

I'm sure many of you in the book blogging world heard the sad announcement yesterday that Brian Jacques, author of the popular Redwall books (along with others), passed away from a heart attack on February 5 at the age of 71. (For an obituary, click here).

As a child, I loved the Redwall books. I still remember reading Redwall for the first time. My grandma bought me the book because of a recommendation, and I remember finishing the last page and being absolutely breathless. I remember rereading the last page, unable to believe that it was over, and then hugging the book to my chest. Lucky for me, there were several more books in the series. (And lucky for current Redwall fans, there is one more unpublished book coming out in May). I haven't read all the Redwall books, but I devoured them energetically throughout elementary and middle school and many of my stories of that period featured talking animals.

I have been wanting to revisit the Redwall books for a few years now, and with Jacques' recent death, I think a challenge to myself to revisit at least one of the books will be a good opportunity to pay my respects to the author that enchanted me when I was younger. I'm also going to extend the challenge to everyone else who loved Jacques in childhood or are discovering him for the first time. So here's the plan:

Read a Redwall book. You can revisit an old beloved story or discover a new one. Read as many books as you want.

The challenge will begin today, February 9, and run through May 31. This will give time for readers to get a hold of the last Redwall book, The Rogue Crew, scheduled to be released on May 3.

Once you've read your book (or books) write a post about why you were enchanted (or not, if the books didn't work for you) by the world of Redwall. Why do you think the books have enthralled so many young readers? Do you have any special memories of the books?

There will be a prize of a Brian Jacques book from Book Depository.