Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Black Dagger Brotherhood Book Club & Challenge

April 1-December 31, 2011

Bookaholic Does Blogging is hosting her very first challenge, with a book club to boot, The Black Dagger Brotherhood Book Club & Challenge.  She writes:

I read the first book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series over four months ago now.  Why I never got around to picking up the other books, I still do not know.  To remedy said situation, I am launching this challenge to encourage myself to finally read the other books.  I thought it would be fun if others joined me!  So, here's how it works:

If you haven't already gathered as much, there will be two parts to this event: the challenge and the book club. You DO NOT have to do both.  Feel free to do one or the other or bits and pieces. 

Challenge details:

--Goal: Read all 9 Black Dagger Brotherhood series books by the end of the challenge.
--Any book counts: paperback, e-book, audio, etc.
--Challenge can cross-over into other challenges.
--Feel free to join whenever!
--Reviews can be linked to monthly book club posts, but this is not necessary.

About the book club:
There is no sign-up for the book club portion of this event.  Monthly book club posts will be made on the 2nd MONDAY of each month.  Dates are listed below along with which book we will be discussing.  My reviews will be posted at this time as well.  When book club is posted, a link list will be provided for you to link to your blog post about book club.  I will post questions for discussion and we will post our answers on our own blogs and then blog hop!  If you do not have a book blog, there is a Goodreads book club you can join here.  These are the ONLY two ways to join in book club.

Bookclub dates:
April 11th 2011: Dark Lover
May 9th 2011: Lover Eternal
June 13th 2011: Lover Awakened
July 11th 2011: Lover Revealed
August 8th 2011: Lover Unbound
September 12th 2011: Lover Enshrined
October 10th 2011: Lover Avenged
November 14th 2011: Lover Mine
December 12th 2011: Lover Unleashed

Now the part about the bits and pieces: Feel free to do the challenge only -- just read the books by December 31st!  Feel free to do one month of book club -- or all of them!  Feel free to only do book club!  Whatever floats your boat!! All I ask is that you sign up if you're doing the challenge. =)

Finally, the good stuff: Prizes!  On random months (probably 5 out of the 9 months), I will select a random winner from those who linked up with their book club posts to win a random prize!  At this point, I don't know what the prizes will be, but I'll make a post about this in the future. =)

To join, go to the Black Dagger Brotherhood Book Club & Challenge.