Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2011 Books to Movies Challenge

June 1 - December 31, 2011

Two Bibliomaniacs are hosting the Books To Movies Challenge. They write:

A mere five months into 2011 and we here at Two Bibliomaniacs are already feeling restless. Not a life altering type of restlessness, but more like a stubborn rash on the back of your knee kind of irritation. While applying our metaphorical ointment, it hit us. We need another reading challenge. Nay. We need to host another reading challenge. Nay. Actually that’s it....

Introducing the 2011 BOOKS TO MOVIES CHALLENGE!!!
Choose from four levels of participation:
  1. Straight to VideoRead 2 books and view the film adaptations.
  2. Limited ReleaseRead 4 books and view the film adaptations.
  3. Blockbuster Read 6 books and view the film adaptations.
  4. Oscar BuzzRead 8 books and view the film adaptations.

  • Anyone can participate and blog-less readers can sign up in the comments section of the sign up post.
  • All books are fair game although all movies must be produced by a semi-reputable film company (no backyard interpretations of Harry Potter).
Learn more and sign up by visiting the introductory/sign up post.