Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Getting Lost in a Comfortable Book Challenge

June 13, 2011- December 31, 2012

Book Dragon's Lair is hosting the Getting Lost in a Comfortable Book Challenge.  She writes:

I knew a man who loved The Outsiders so much he always carried a copy in his back pocket. He almost went into meltdown when he lost it, a replacement wasn't acceptable, and I breathed a sigh of relief when he found it (under his car's seat).

Now, I'm not that bad with any of my books but I've been thinking....added to my finding a listing of "Modern Library's 100 Best Novels" and I thought of a challenge. ;-)

There are three parts to this challenge.

Part One: email me your top five comfort books.
Part Two: vote (after I post a list) for our very own Top 100.
Part Three: READ five from the list, other than your own.

 Part One:

My email is ... bookdragonslair(at)gmail(dot)dom'll need to put comfort books in the subject so I won't miss it (I'll set up a filter for it).

I know I could have you comment with your five but I don't want the others to influence you ;-)

I'm hoping this will be a huge list so send in your five picks by September 1, 2011.

Part Two:

After I make of list of all the books, I'll post "vote for your favorite" or something like that. I'm hoping this will be done in October so the challenge list can be ready for sign-ups in late November/early December.

Part Three:

We read. We'll have all of 2012 to read five from the list, other than the five we sent in. Maybe we'll have two, three or more levels.

I'm looking forward to seeing your list!

To join, go to the Getting Lost in a Comfortable Book Challenge.