Friday, August 31, 2012

Elemental Assassin Series Read-a-Long

September 1, 2012 – April 30, 2013

There are 16 works in the series so far; 7 full length novels (the 8th novel is being released on 3/26/2013) and 9 novellas. For this read-a-long, we’ll be focusing on the full-length novels. (If you are interested in reading the novellas, most of them can be found on Jennifer Estep's website.) We’re going to read one book a month and hold a discussion at the end of each month, leading up to the release of the 8th book in this series – Deadly Sting.

The ELEMENTAL ASSASSIN Read-a-Long Discussion Schedule:

9/28/2012: Spider’s Bite discussion @ The Book Vixen
10/30/2012: Web of Lies discussion @ Smash Attack Reads
11/30/2012: Venom discussion @ The Book Vixen
12/28/2012: Tangled Threads discussion @ Smash Attack Reads
1/31/2013: Spider’s Revenge discussion @ The Book Vixen
2/28/2013: By a Thread discussion @ Smash Attack Reads
3/30/2013: Widow’s Web discussion @ The Book Vixen
4/30/2013: Deadly Sting discussion @ Smash Attack Reads

For each discussion we will compare notes, share our favorite quotes and there will be about 5 discussion topics/questions to discuss and answer.

If you’re interested in joining Ash and I in our ELEMENTAL ASSASSIN series read-a-long, grab a copy of Spider’s Bite and meet us on The Book Vixen on 9/28. Be there or be square!

This reading event is hosted by The Book Vixen and Smash Attack Reads. For more information and to sign-up for reminder emails, please see this post.