Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The EPIC Dark Tower Read-a-Long

Sept 2012 - July 2013

Welcome to the EPIC Dark Tower Read-a-Long.  Of course, we are huge Stephen King fans.  Otherwise, we wouldn't be hosting this challenge.  I have been wanting to get to this series for years and I thought, "What better way than a read-a-long?"  And us readers love to do things in a big way, especially those of us who love read-a-thons, challenges, read-a-longs and the like.  Below I will list the monthly break down.  The really long books will be two month read-a-longs.  The week before each month starts, I will post the reading/posting schedule for the particular book we're reading that month.  I am adding a linky to this post just so I can keep up with who is participating.  Don't worry...I'm not a big stickler on rules.  If you get behind, I'm not going to turn one of SK's monsters loose on you.  ;O)  I hope you will join us! Be sure to grab the button above and spread the word!
Note:  If you've already read some of the books, feel free to jump in with the ones you haven't read, and you are welcome to join in on any of the discussions.
September--The Gunslinger, Book 1
October--The Drawing of the Three, Book 2
November--The Waste Lands, Book 3
December/January--Wizard and Glass, Book 4
February--The Wind Through the Keyhole, Book 4.5
March/April--Wolves of the Calla, Book 5
May--Song of Susannah, Book 6
June/July--The Dark Tower, Book 7

For more information and to sign-up, please see this post.