Sunday, December 8, 2013

2014 Gentle Spectrums Reading Challenge

February 1, 2014 – February 28, 2015

Welcome to the launch of a brand new reading theme!
I was excited to find ’challenges’ in summer 2012.  These wonderful circles are a scavenger hunt for what we’re already reading.  My principal goal is always to whittle through books I own and flexible groups make that fun.  For the first time, I lay down my gauntlet and create an outlet with a twist!

You are invited to choose one of my themes below.  :)
*  Watch for on-the-spot activities throughout the year!
What is “Spectrum Spotlight”?

(1Post about your goal
wherever you have a website, with a referral to this page.
(2Enter your post’s URL, your name,
and the activity you picked with the button below.
(3Review each book you read,
just to get an URL from Goodreads, Book Depository…  One line is fine.
When you see a review page available, enter your reviews into that ‘linky’ button.


Share any 10 books entitled with a colour.

You may repeat the colour spectrums;  even exact hues.
A different book title is a different book title!
Funky lipstick or paint shades might be a stretch.
Well-established hues are at your leisure:  maroon, jade, emerald…



Fit one book title into each category.
Here are abundant subjects to peruse together!

trees, flowers, grass, gardening & crop-sowing references.

a building, rooms, a room or building’s parts.

a culture, location ~ lakes, towns, famous spots.

synonyms, gems, ruins, geological formations.

types of relatives, last names, full names.

a title of 5+ words (articles are fine).

lame puns or quotations, actual cheeses.

mystical, eerie (content fulfills title;  no debunked ending).

any words approximating weather or seasons.

positive messages, conveys pleasant images.

Catch your breath:  we launch February 1st, 2014 – February 28th, 2015!

This reading challenge is hosted by RIEDEL Fascination. For more information and to sign-up, please see this post.