Sunday, April 20, 2014

All You Need Is Kill Read-Along

May 3 - 31, 2014

I’m super excited to announce this read-along!  All You Need Is Kill is a work of translated fiction (originally written in Japanese), which is something I’d love to read more of to experience a diversity of writing styles and to get a feel for different cultures. It’s part of a manga genre targeted at young men, so I’m excited to bring some diversity to the readership of this book. It’s also being made into a movie, so it’s the perfect book for participants in my Book to Movie challenge to pick up. And it’s a short book, clocking in at just 200 pages with large text, so it shouldn’t be too hard to fit in even for those of us with full reading schedules. Speaking of schedules, here’s the schedule for the read-along:
May 3rd – Read-Along Starts
May 17th – Chapter 1 and 2 discussion questions posted
May 18th – Twitter Chat, 4pm EST
May 30th – Chapter 3 and 4 discussion questions posted
May 31st – Twitter Chat, 7pm EST
Hashtag: #AllYouNeedIsKill
As a participant, you can do posts responding to the discussion questions, respond to the questions by commenting on my blog, participate in the twitter chats, or a bit of all three. To sign up, just do a quick post announcing the event and add a link below. Sign-ups are open until May 3rd. Thanks for joining in!

This read-along is hosted by Doing Dewey. For more information and to sign-up, please see this post.