Monday, December 15, 2014

2015 The Re-Read Reading Challenge

"342/365: Books" by cefeida is licensed under CC BY 2.0

January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2015

A few weeks ago, Kelly and I let you in on the scoop: we're hosting a Re-Read Challenge for 2015! We were so excited about the response, and it sounds like a lot of y'all are planning on signing up. But we know what many of you are probably thinking: "Yeah, yeah... ANOTHER challenge. I don't want some complicated challenge with lots of rules to follow. I don't have time to re-read because I don't want to get behind on reviews posts. I haven't re-read a book since I started blogging."

We have an answer for every excuse! JOIN IN, unless you're a weirdo who doesn't like re-reading...

I don't want some complicated challenge with lots of rules to follow.

Honestly, we don't want to have a lot of rules either. We want it to be as easy as possible for anyone to participate, including ourselves. All you have to do is write an intro post stating WHY you want to join and WHAT books you're hoping to re-read. Then, add it to the sign up linky. After that, just write a post each month recapping what you re-read that month and add it to the linky we'll post on our blogs each month. That's it! You've earned re-read bragging rights for the month. We'll explain it all below, but trust us... it's not difficult.

I don't have time to re-read because I don't want to get behind.

Don't want to take time away from review books and get behind on posts for your blog? We don't either! If you feel like re-reading will set you back, you could write a re-read review. This portion is optional, of course, and not required to participate in the challenge or qualify for the giveaways. But if you're interested, highlight your re-reads with a re-read review. For example, we'll be answering these questions:

WHEN I First Read

WHAT I Remember

WHY I Wanted to Re-Read

HOW I Felt After Re-Reading

WOULD I Re-Read Again

BOOM. You're done! Post it. Add it to the monthly re-read recap post. Tweet with the hashtag #ReRead2015. You've got a post for your blog AND the challenge. Each post you link counts as an entry to our giveaways.

I haven't re-read a book since I started blogging.

Now is the time to start! Relive the magic of your favorite books. Return to your favorite stories, characters and worlds. Remember what it was like the first time around, and see just how fun it can be to re-read.

Tomorrow, I'll post an example re-read review. I'll use the format detailed above, so you can see how easy it is to re-read AND have new content for your blog. In January, I'll share my kickoff post with the books I'm hoping to re-read. The graphic in the sidebar will link back to this post, so you can come back later to sign up!

The Re-Read Challenge Details

  1. This challenge will run from January 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015. The sign-up linky will remain open until the end of January, but join at any time by adding your intro post to any monthly re-read recap linky.
  2. Any genre, length or format of book counts, as long as it's a re-read.
  3. We will have two giveaways - one at the six-month point and one at the end of the year. Giveaway details posted closer to the halfway point!
  4. You don't have to follow our blogs to participate or be entered in the giveaways.
How You Sign Up
  1. Write a post about joining The 2015 Re-Read Challenge on your blog. In the post, include the banner, a link back to our sign-up page, the number of books you'd like to re-read and list some books you're hoping to re-read for the challenge.
  2. Add the direct link to your sign-up post in the linky below.
  3. Optional: Put the challenge button in your sidebar (grab link available at the bottom of the post).
  4. DONE. It's as easy as that to get started.

How You Participate

  1. Re-read some books!
  2. In the first week of each month, we will post a re-read recap on Belle of the Literati and So Obsessed With that includes a linky that will be open all month. Write a post detailing what you re-read the last month, and add the direct link to our linky to be entered in our giveaways.
  3. If you write any re-read reviews (it's totally optional!), add those to the monthly linky for additional entries (one per post) in our giveaways.
  4. If you miss a monthly post, just link up your reviews and/or recap in the linky during the next month.

This reading challenge is hosted by Belle of the Literati and So Obsessed With. For more information and to sign-up, please see this post.