Friday, July 3, 2015

Emma 200th Anniversary Read-Along

July 7, 2015 – September 21, 2015

A few weeks ago I mentioned I would be hosting an Emma read-along but life got in the way with two family weddings so I'm now finally getting around to setting it up!

I was already thinking about re-reading Jane Austen's novel Emma this year but then I found out that this year is the 200th anniversary of it's being published I knew a read-along was in order!

Now I've never hosted a read-along before so be patient with me... please? :)

The schedule I'm going to try for is five chapters a week for a total of fifty-five chapters and eleven weeks of reading.  At the end of every week I'll post about the five chapters we read that week and hopefully have some deep questions for y'all to ponder and comment on. At the end, I think a giveaway would be in order. :) So be sure to share this delightful news with your friends and family and be sure yourself to join in for this fun read-along! :)

NEXT MONDAY (July 6th) we are starting!

If you want to do a guest post comment and let me know and we can get in touch. I would love to see some film reviews and character reviews. I know everyone has their favorite film version of Emma so I think it will be interesting to compare.

So if you're interested in joining up with this fun read-along be sure to comment! If you aren't sure yet that's fine. I know everyone has a busy schedule during the summer. I don't expect you to comment on every post related to the read-along I post nor do I expect you to perfectly adhere to the schedule. The idea is that readers from all around the world come together to read a book and participate in discussing it.

So grab your copy of Emma and next week let's start reading!

This reading event is hosted by You, Me and a Cup of Tea. For more information and to sign-up, please see this post.