Friday, October 30, 2009

Women Unbound Reading Challenge

November 1, 2009 - November 30, 2010

Eva at A Striped Armchair, Aarti from Booklust, and Care from Care's Online Book Club are hosting a challenge dedicated to women which has its own challenge site. Women Unbound Reading Challenge encourages participants to read nonfiction and fiction books related to the rather broad idea of ‘women’s studies.’ Eva gives a definition of this on the page about the challenge. You don’t have to have a blog (if you don’t have one, e-mail Eva your reviews and she'll post them on the challenge site) or choose which books you want to read ahead of time. There is a great reading list provided on the challenge blog to give you some ideas.

There are three levels you can choose as a reader:
  • Philogynist: read at least two books, including at least one nonfiction one.
  • Bluestocking: read at least five books, including at least two nonfiction ones.
  • Suffragette: read at least eight books, including at least three nonfiction ones.
Learn more and sign up on the ABOUT page.