Sunday, December 21, 2014

Gentle Spectrums 2015 Reading Challenge

February 1, 2015 – February 1, 2016

I love matching books to creative themes;  like a scavenger hunt at home!  Some challenges particularly this year have such finely-tuned criteria;  what we can include is narrow.  I thought about the kind of mixing & matching I would enjoy and last year, created “Gentle Spectrums”.

I forever appreciate the first members of my trio:  “Gentle Spectrums”, “My Kind Of Mystery,
and Ethereal.  You have my thanks.

I present broad themes, so a great deal more titles fit.  It is also important to me that if we surpass a minimum quantity, those have somewhere to go.  For our grande finale, a point system rewards everyone who keeps on reading & reviewing.  From the moment you sign-up, all Gentle Spectrums prize activities from February 2015 to February 2016, are for you!  RIEDEL Fascination prizes are for all members internationally.  It’s especially nice that your matieral for my categories may belong to any genre under the sun.

I think of you as guests in my parlour.  If you are keen on (A) or (B):  here we go!  :)  If you decide on both;  your first sign-up suffices.  Surprise me with a comment that you’re doing more.  Since my games are separate:  if a book fits them both, go ahead and use it dually!

If you blog, please give my reading challenge a post, with no more than 3 others on it.  I can’t load bogged-down webpages.  I also appreciate that your post gives our group visibility.

If you aren’t a blogger:  use any publicly-viewable forum (not ‘facebook’) that lets you make lists and write.  Give our URL, tell people why you’re joining, and type in your progress.  Alternatively, use the URL of your Goodreads profile page, or contact me with any questions.

A sentence or two to explain your star rating is ample.  I complile all of them in my blog’s
top menu.  Your reviews will be there for future browsers;  no efforts wasted when our year concludes.  I review at Amazon, Goodreads, and Book Depository.


I keep finding colour titles.  I wished to read whatever I liked;  not hold back for a year, because a colour got used.  Ask and ye shall receive!  For the first time in any circle:  choose a colour level!  Accepted now:  Colourful, colour, bright, light, iridescent, iridescence, dark, shade, hue, spectrum, rainbow, prism.

**** (B)  GENTLE SUBJECTS ****

We are going to revisit some favoured subjects and new ones I created!  Broad and easy to fulfill.  Please complete 1 each, of these 10 subjects.  Keep on adding anything that fits for extra points.

~ (1)  STONES  ~
Variations of the word, gems, jewellery, ruins, geological formations.
(“The Hidden Mountain”)

~  (2)  CHEERFUL  ~
Uplifting, positive messages;  conveys pleasant thoughts, images.
(“The Five People You Meet In Heaven”)

~  (3)  NATIONS  ~
Cultures, locations:  lakes, towns, even well-known places;  fictional included.
(“Made In Canada”)

~  (4)  PLANTS  ~
Trees, flowers, lawns, fields, grasses, grains, and gardening paraphernalia.
(“Night Gardening”)

~  (5)  WATER  ~
Water bodies, proper names, closely-connected components:  taps, sinks, pools.
(“The Lake Of Dead Languages”)

~  (6)  SPACE  ~
The sky, its contents, spatial matter, concepts, tools.  Star Trek / Star Wars-related.
(“Clouds Of Witness”)

~  (7)  DAUNTING  ~
Any title that has you thinking:  “Oooo!  That does not sound good”!
(“If Two Are Dead”)

~  (8)  STRUCTURES  ~
A building, its rooms, proper names, any of a structure’s parts.
(“The Palace Guard”)

~  (9)  TIME  ~
Any signifiers of time, like seasons.  Any unit-measurers, like watches and calendars.
(“Night Travellers”)

~  (10) HUMOROUS  ~
Odd, or anything that gives you a grin.  I’ll accept a ‘pun laid on too thick’ grimace too!
(“The Dragon And The Dry Goods Princess”).

Questions?  Ready to roll?  The game is on:  February 1st, 2015 – February 1st, 2016!

This reading challenge is hosted by Riedel Fascination. For more information and to sign-up, please see this post.