Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Read It Again Challenge

Debi over at Twiga's Books has set herself a personal challenge and invited others to join in if they wish.

Here's what she says:

Reading is for fun, for pleasure, a hobby. Sure I want to read a lot of books that I've never read before. But there are books that I've already read that I would like to read again. And there's nothing wrong with re-reading a book. After all, the whole point is to enjoy it. And with non-fiction, I can even learn things, whether I've read the book before or not. Sometimes re-reading a book can refresh my memory and encourage me.

So... I'm setting a personal challenge to myself to re-read some of my old favorites. I'm not putting a time limit on it.

So, do you have some old favorites you'd love to read again? Why not visit Debi on her blog and let her know you'll be joining her?