Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How To Read and Why Challenge

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Rebecca at Rebecca Reads is hosting her own personal challenge and inviting others to join her. The How To Read and Why Challenge is based on Harold Bloom's book by that title. Rebecca writes:

I’m going to read Bloom’s list of works (stories, poems, novels, and plays) along with his book discussing them. I’m going to treat HTR&W like a textbook and Bloom’s narration as a teacher’s voice: I won’t always agree with him and he’s opinionated, but I will hopefully learn something by the end. I’m sure, as in all reading lists, I won’t agree with his judgment of excellence of all of these works, and there is something conceited about his attitude that I can and should learn to read in the ways he suggests. But no matter: I look forward to learning how to make my reading a more personal experience.

To join Rebecca in reading all the works from Bloom's list, go to her post about the challenge and leave a comment. She is giving away a copy of Bloom's book to one lucky participant who signs up before the end of June!